Nevada Off-road vehicle laws

The state legislature of Nevada has enacted several regulations governing the ownership and operation of off-road vehicles in the state. These laws apply to the use off-road or off-highway vehicles, OHV, in the public lands. The latest round of laws was enacted in 2012 and these sought to make registration and titling of certain classes of OHV mandatory in the state of the Nevada. It is also expected to make tracking of vehicles and owners easier while generating millions of dollars in taxes for the state.

Nevada Off-road vehicle laws govern various aspects of the off-roading experience

Nevada Off-road vehicle laws govern various aspects of the off-roading experience

The Nevada laws and regulations cover several areas namely issuance of certificate of registration and titles by the Nevada Commission on Off-Highway Vehicles, conditions under which a motorist can be exempt from registration and titling, expiration, reinstatement and registration renewals and fees that will be charged in case of violation or non-compliance.

According to the Nevada off-road vehicle laws, all off-road vehicles purchased after July 2012 must be registered within 30 days of purchase. The OHV registrations must be in the form of stickers or decals.  The stickers or decals must be displayed on the OHV. The fee charged by the state of Nevada for registration and titling of your off-highway vehicle  must be between $20 and $30 as stipulated by the laws of Nevada regarding the usage of an OHV.

The off-road vehicles must be operated in designated  public areas failure to which your Jeep will be liable to certain penalties. The penalties for violating Nevada’s off-road laws can be severe, in some cases as much as $2500. It is therefore important to confer with your Jeep club to ensure you fully understand all laws and regulations before embarking on an adventure.


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